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10 Important Points of the Cost of Underinsurance

8th April 2024 by George Jennings & Kobus van Niekerk 1.Introduction to underinsurance 

Consort Technical Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd

19th January 2024 When undo is not an option by George Jennings & Kobus van Niekerk It is important to bear in mind that insurance requirements should be up to date and comply with the key insurance terms and conditions. 

The Insurance Tree: Introduction

5th October 2023 The ‘magic’ of insurance Whether a natural or legal entity, we are all subject to risk. Sometimes with unpleasant consequences. Often, people take risks deliberately with the intention to make a profit. It is sensible to take the necessary precautions considering the financial consequences of... 

Thinking about the consequences of Consequential Loss

17th August 2023 When it comes to Engineering Insurance Consequential Loss, there are various policies that can be considered. These policies are designed and intended to provide for Consequential Loss following an indemnifiable event under the prevailing material damage policy. Some of the examples are:... 

Is your insurance tailor-made to your requirements?

3rd May 2023 By George Jennings & Kobus van Niekerk When standard does not make the grade 

Plant All Risks. Key factors to consider

17th February 2023 Construction plant and equipment requires substantial capital investment. It is therefore important that the sum insured requirements are correctly reflected in the insurance policy concluded by the owner of the equipment. Consort wishes to point out certain important aspects to assist you in...