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Solutions to bring water to our people

30th October 2023 Proudly South African company, SBS® Tanks, has been a leader in the water security space for almost 25 years. The company has a legacy of building for better and is well-positioned to work with consultants, engineers, government and municipal leaders to ensure that the mandate of access to water... 

Alternative solutions to traditional service delivery challenges

30th October 2023 Municipalities face many challenges in the delivery of essential services to rural and urban communities and the commercial sector. Budgetary constraints,  key personnel shortages, and in the case of rural communities, lack of infrastructure, all impact the provision and efficiencies of services.... 

Water to remote municipalities – not a problem for SBS Tanks

30th October 2023 The Ekukhanyeni Municipality, when faced with the challenge to supply water to the expanding local community, reached out to SBS for a solution. While the traditional approach by municipalities in South Africa has been to construct bulk water storage solutions using concrete, the Municipality did... 

Equitable access to water a key priority for South Africa

30th October 2023 SBS® Tanks recognises the challenges faced by the municipal sector to deliver equitable access to water and sanitation services to South African citizens. Municipalities that service and support rural communities are typically the most severely impacted with vast distances between dwellings and... 
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Zimbabwe asks miners to ramp up gold output to support ZiG currency

Zimbabwe has asked gold miners across the country to ramp up output to support the ZiG currency launched last month, according to Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando. “This new currency is anchored on gold production, we have to determine ways to increase production,” Chitando... 

Reserve Bank warns carbon taxes may cut exports by 10%

South African economic growth could be severely stunted if carbon taxes are widely imposed on its exports, according to a new report by the country’s central bank. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) said the hit could reach 10% of exports and more than 9% of gross domestic product in 2050... 
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