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Alcohol Breathalysers News

Alcohol testing a priority for mines

10th November 2023 It is a top health and safety priority to ensure that mineworkers do not enter mines after having consumed any alcohol, or with any alcohol remaining in their blood the day after consumption, as this can inhibit their ability to work safely. Alcohol Breathalysers is a specialist business that... 

Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

7th November 2023 Alcohol Breathalysers supplies the iBlow10 no-contact breathalyser, a high speed no-contact alcohol breathalyser screener for testing drivers at road blocks and workers entering industrial sites and mines. The iBlow10 provides up to 12 tests per minute without the use of mouth pieces and offers... 

Alcohol Breathalysers

27th January 2023 Alcohol Breathalysers was established in 2004 with the aim to make reliable, affordable and accurate digital breathalysers available to ensure that all businesses and individuals can gain access to alcohol testing equipment. 

Alcohol Breathalysers to expand service, range of breathalysers

6th September 2022 Alcohol testing equipment supplier Alcohol Breathalysers Pty Ltd says that it will remain focused on expanding its service & range of breathalysers into new African markets, as well as improve turnaround times for servicing its existing customer base. The company is cautiously optimistic about... 
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